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Top 10 Films To Look Forward To This Summer (2017)

Summer movie season is upon us once again, and unlike last year I am actually looking forward to a lot of films that will be out in the coming months. I will admit I struggled to choose my top ten but I am also pleasantly surprised by the amount of original or first time adapted films that are being released this year considering last year’s box office was overran by sequels and reboots.


10. The Hitman’s Bodyguard


One of the first original movies on the list, the Hitman’s Bodyguard looks like a hilarious outing with Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. At the same time it could be a massive miss like R.I.P.D. Finger’s crossed its will be the comedy of the summer.

9. The Dark Tower


I will admit I am unfamiliar with the story, all I know is that its a Stephan King adaptation that a lot of people have been trying to bring to the big screen for decades. The trailer looks impressive and I do love a bit of Idris Elba so hopefully it will be very enjoyable.

8. Baby Driver


I’m a massive Edgar Wright fan so when this film was announced I knew it would be great. The reviews have been incredible so as as it’s been doing the festival circuit, so I am hoping this film will do well with audiences.

7. The Mummy


The first reboot of the list, it’s a bit of stretch considering how badly the last mummy movie was. But from the look of the trailers, I think they’re not following the same pattern as the original trilogy which can be a good thing. It also has Tom Cruise in it so I’m taking that as a good sign as Cruise’s movies the last 5/6 years have been pretty good.

6. Spider-Man: Homecoming 


If I’m being honest I will probably enjoy this, it’s Marvel and they have not had a miss in a few years so it will probably use the same MCU formula. What I’m more excited about is Tom Holland as I think he is a stellar actor (watch him in The Impossible!) and he was the stand out in Civil War.

5. Wonder Woman


Ok I know the DC universe has had a really rocky start but the trailers for Wonder Woman have been pretty good and I think it will be quite enjoyable. Even if it doesn’t live up to expectations you have to remember that a live-action Wonder Woman movie has never been attempted and the fact that DC have a female fronted super hero movie is more than what the MCU have done.

4. Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets


I will admit I hate Cara Delevigne as an actress, I’ve watched her in a few things now so nope. That said I do like Luc Besson movies, he’s great director, and I really enjoyed Lucy despite it being completely bonkers. The trailer looks pretty cool and I really like the concept. Although it is adapted from a comic book and not original content, I would rather go see something I haven’t seen before than pay money to see Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (like did really need another one?!?!?!).

3. The Beguiled


Although this is a remake, the original came out 46 years ago so it’s nice to introduce a new audience to something they probably wouldn’t have seen (I just hate remakes for films that have some out in the 90s onwards). Sofia Coppola has written and directed this  film so that is a plus as I loved The Virgin Suicides and The Bling Ring. It also has an amazing cast attached to it (Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning). This probably won’t have a massive box office but I am hoping the critics will love it.

2.  War of The Planet of The Apes


I love the planet of the apes movies, I’ve been a fan since I saw the original when I was a child (hate the Tim Burton one though!). These Andy Serkis Apes films that have been incredible, I enjoyed the last one even more than the first so hopefully Fox will be able to achieve the same success.

1. Dunkirk 


There was no competition really, the moment that trailer came out for Dunkirk I knew this would be my most anticipated. Christopher Nolan is pretty much King cinema so I am hoping this film film blow everything out the water. Interstellar was a bit of a miss for me (it was too weird and confusing) so I am hoping this is Nolan’s return to form.

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Broken Record – A Mini Saga


In 1922 a song is played. A teenage couple danced.

‘Our song, always and forever.’

In 1962 a song is played. A middle-aged couple danced.

‘Our song, always and forever.’

In 1992 a song is played. An elderly man listens alone.

‘Our song, always and forever.’

(Just a quick note – I wrote this mini saga in school about 10 years ago and recently found it again. I thought I’d post it as I was really proud of it when I was younger, my nana loved it so much she sent it to the local newspaper and they published it. I also want to start posting short stories and poems I write every now again so I thought this would be a nice introduction to it.) 

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Favourite Music Picks for January

Here is a list of songs both new and old to get people through the January blues in style.


1. SIMPLETHINGS by Miguel (Wildheart, 2015)

2. HOW FAR I’LL GO by Auli’i Cravalho (Moana, 2016)

3. STRONGER THAN EVER by Raleigh Ritchie (You’re a Man Now, Boy, 2014)

4. WHEN WE WERE LOVERS by Jack Savoretti (Sleep No More, 2016)

5. TOUCH by Little Mix (Glory Days, 2016)

6. WONDERWALL by Oasis ((What’s The Story) Morning Glory?, 1995)

7. HUMAN by Rag’n’Bone Man (Human, 2016)

8. ALL NIGHT by Beyoncé (Lemonade, 2016)

9. SEE YOU AGAIN (SOLO VERSION) by Charlie Puth (Nine Track Mind, 2016)

10. I WOULD LIKE by Zara Larsson (TBA, 2016)

11. WASTING ALL THESE TEARS by Cassadee Pope (Frame by Frame, 2013)

12. FIGURE 8 by Ellie Goulding (Halcyon, 2012)

13. GHETTO GOSPEL FEAT. ELTON JOHN by 2Pac (Loyal To The Game, 2004)

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Christmas Films to Watch This December

I have already done a list of Halloween and Easter movie to watch so I though I’d round it off with a list of pretty awesome Christmas movies. So get cosy with these beloved Chrissy movies.


Favourite Classics





80’s Gems







Best of the 90’s 









21st Century Movies

ELF (2003)










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Top Ten Favourite Films of All Time

Like any other movie lover, I have a top ten list of all time favourite films. Most of the films on this list have been permanent fixtures for years, but there are a couple that I have changed recently. This list is based on my own opinions and no one elses. Let’s begin…




This may be seen as a controversial decision, as majority of people usually favour the third instalment of the Harry Potter series. That said, I love the forth film, mainly because it was the first film that went totally dark (third film was the start), it had a great story with the tri-wizard cup, and more importantly it was the “beginning of the end” when Voldemort regenerated fully.



This is such a great British comedy, in fact its probably one of the best comedies ever released. It is the first of the ‘Three Flavours of Cornetto trilogy’, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have taken the zombie genre and put their own spin on it. Highlights of this film is the incredible one-liners, and comedic timings from the entire cast.



Another great comedy favourite of mine. Meryl Streep is amazing in this movie she really went all the way with the character of Miranda Priestly and delivered the best lines in this movies. Emily Blunt was also brilliant in this movie, despite only having under 20 minutes of screen time, that was all she needed. Other highlights from this movie is soundtrack (lots of Madonna!), and the styling, I remember watching movie and I literally just wanted everything Andy wore.

7. VERTIGO (1958)


I first watched this film when I was studying Film Studies in school. It has been described as the greatest film of all time, and it is quite spectacular. Hitchcock is the ultimate king of suspense, this film has a brilliant plot with many twists, and the visual effects are stunning.

6. KILL BILL VOL. 1 (2003)


I am a massive fan of Tarantino, every film he makes has a fantastic premise with his own ‘auteur’ style injected into it. Kill Bill vol 1 is by far my favourite, the visuals, music, amazing characters, and the razor tongue dialogue was on point. A highlight of this film is the anime short in the middle of the film of O-Ren’s origins.

5. GONE GIRL (2014)


For me, Gone Girl is the perfect thriller. Its filled with so much suspense, and it has an amazing twist to it. I read the book as well, and to be honest the film is definitely on par with it. David Fincher who has directed some incredible films (Zodiac, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) directed this piece. Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck were spectacular and had the perfect amount of chemistry.



The Sound of Music is my ultimate musical movie, I was pretty much raised on this. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen this film. It is such a fun movie, the songs are great to sing along too, it has breathtaking visuals, and Julie Andrews is an absolute babe in the film!

3. PRETTY IN PINK (1986)


This is my favourite teen movie, and before anyone asks I’m team Blaine. Its a perfect teen romcom/drama that I think a lot of people can relate to. The overall narrative is very reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet but instead of two warring families its two groups of teenagers who have different backgrounds in terms of social class and privilege at high school and IRL. Duckie is such a highlight of the film as well as James Spader who was pretty much Chuck Bass before Chuck Bass existed.



I love Audrey Hepburn! She is the epitome of class and beauty. Her performance as Holly Golightly is perfect. I love the 60s nostalgia this film possesses, and George Peppard was such a dream boar. There is that blip of racism in the form of Mickey Rooney that can dampen the movie, but the overall story and performance from Hepburn is spectacular.



This is probably my perfect movie. Its has the right amount of drama and humour mixed together. It has a great cast featuring Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, and Thora Birch. It has an incredible score which gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it, and the cinematography is breathtaking.

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The Girl on The Train – Film Review


Commuter Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) catches daily glimpses of a seemingly perfect couple, Scott and Megan, from the window of her train. One day, Watson witnesses something shocking unfold in the backyard of the strangers’ home. Rachel tells the authorities what she thinks she saw after learning that Megan is now missing and feared dead. Unable to trust her own memory, the troubled woman begins her own investigation, while police suspect that Rachel may have crossed a dangerous line.

Dubbed as the new “Gone Girl”, The Girl on The Train is a suspenseful thriller that I’m sure will pack cinemas this Autumn. After watching the trailer several months ago, I knew this was my type of film. I went to see it on Saturday and overall I really enjoyed it; there were a few things that could have been improved but I think it will be an audience pleaser.



Emily Blunt’s Performance – Despite the plot which some might not like, Blunt’s performance as the alcoholic Rachel is probably her best performance to date. She plays a drunk well, Phil Mitchell style drunk (British soap reference). She gives different dimensions to the character of Rachel, who drinks her sorrows away after finding out she can’t have children and her husband leaving her for his pregnant mistress. Some scenes are very uncomfortable to watch to the point where it comes off as disturbing.


Overall Visuals – The cinematography is outstanding, from the visuals we see on the train as it depicts Rachel’s state of mind (whether she is blindingly drunk or stone cold sober), the city visuals, to the suburban setting with the tunnel and woods depicting a dark mystery surrounding a young woman’s disappearance.


Haley Bennet’s Performance – Bennet’s performance as Megan, the young woman Rachel watches on her commute who dissapears one evening, is a breakout moment. She gives a vulnerable performance of a woman who seems to have the picturesque life but is deeply unhappy. Bennet seems miles away from her role as International pop star Cora Corman in “Music and Lyrics”.


Danny Elfman’s Score – Like many of his previous scores for films and shows such as “Edward Scissorhands”, and “Desperate Housewives”, Elfman provides the perfect score to highlight suburban living with dark and sinister undertones that give the film more depth.



Little character development for Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) – I Liked that they gave the three women (Rachel, Megan, and Anna) a backstory and highlight how they are ver much alike, but I was a little disappointed that they gave so much character development with Rachel and Megan yet there wasn’t much to tell with Anna. We see flashbacks and development with Rachel and Megan and we get to see what they are like and why “they are the way they are”, but very little with Anna apart from a flashback scene back to when Tom was having an affair with her. I would have liked to see more of her story, how she felt about the affair, and more of an in-depth look at Anna’s feelings towards Rachel before and after Tom’s divorce.



Lack of an in-depth look of Rachel and Tom’s marriage – Although they showed various flashbacks between Tom and Rachel, there wasn’t much depth to them. I would have liked to have seen the breakdown of their marriage, and gone more in depth with how Tom manipulated and abused Rachel while she was heavily intoxicated.


Plot Twist – To be honest I guessed Tom was the guy Megan was having an affair with and eventually murdered about 40 minutes into the movie. I think the only thing I was surprised about was Tom manipulating Rachel’s memories while she was drunk to make him seem like he’s a good guy. I would have liked it if it had the viewers questioning themselves a bit more thinking it was Megan’s husband or even making it look more and more like Rachel (who may have thought it was Anna). I wanted the twist to get under the viewers skin and for me it failed a bit.


Overall despite the disappointing ending and the writer, director, producers etc. not properly utilising the material the film was based on, it was really enjoyable. It is certainly no “Gone Girl” but it had very strong performances from the cast, outstanding visuals and a eerie yet hypnotic score.

Final Rating – 3.5/5